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Nyenzo ya Sumaku ya Alnico

Nyenzo ya Sumaku ya Alnico


Alnico materials (composed predominantly of aluminum, nickel, and cobalt with minor amounts of other elements including titanium and copper) permit design latitudes providing high indications, high energies and relatively high coercivities. Alnico magnets are characterized by excellent temperature stability and good resistance to demagnetization from vibration and shock. Alnico magnets offer the best temperature characteristics of any standard production magnet material available. They can be used for continuous duty applications where temperature extremes up to 930F can be expected.

Alnico magnets are manufactured through either a casting or sintering process. Alnico magnet is very hard and brittle. Machining or drilling can not therefore be accomplished by ordinary methods. Holes are usually cored in at the foundry. Magnets are cast or sintered as closely as possible to required sized so that abrasive grinding to finish dimensions and tolerances is minimized

Specialized casting techniques used to achieve the unique crystalline grain orientation found in the alnico 5 and 8 grades. These anisotropic grades are designed to produce high magnetic output in a specified direction. Orientation is achieved during heat treatment, by cooling the casting from 2000F at a controlled rate within a magnetic field which conforms to the preferred direction of magnetization. Alnico 5 and Alnico 8 are anisotropic and exhibit a preferred direction of orientation, Magnetic orientation should be specified on your drawing when you send an order to us.

Cast Alnico 5 is the most commonly used of all the cast Alnico's .It combines high indications with a high energy product of 5 MGOe or more and is used extensively in rotation machinery, communications, meters and instruments, sensing devices and holding applications. The higher resistance to demagnetization(coercive force) of Alnico 8,cobalt content to 35%,allows this material to function well for short lengths or for length to diameter ratios of less than 2 to 1.

Sintered Alnico materials offer slightly lower magnetic properties but butter mechanical characteristics than the cast Alnico materials. Sintered Alnico magnets are most suitable in small sizes(less than 1 oz.)in this process. The desired mix of metal powder is pressed to shape and size in a die, then sintered at 2300 F in a hydrogen atmosphere. The sintering process is well suited to large volume production, and results in parts which are structurally stronger than cast magnets. Relatively close tolerances can be achieved without grinding.

Faida ya ushindani:
The Characteristics of Alnico Magnet:

*Small changes in magnetic properties to temperature effects
*Maximum working temperature can be as high as 450oC~550oC.
*Low coercive force.
*Strong corrosion resistance capability, no coating needed for surface protection.

• Suitable for small volume magnets with complex shape
• Compact crystal, high intensity
• Regular shape, precision size
• Even elements, stable performance
• Suitable for compound magnet
• Excellent temperature stability (temp. coefficient of Br is the smallest among all of the other permanent magnets


Magnetic and Physical Properties of Cast Alnico Magnet

Daraja la  Equivalent MMPA Class   UtabiriNguvu ya KulazimishaMaximum Energy ProductWianiReversible Temp. CoefficientReversible Temp. CoefficientCurie Temp.Temp. Coefficientremark
Br Hcb(BH) maxg / cm3α(Br)α(Hcj)TCTW
mTGsKA/mOeKJ / m3MGOe% / ℃% / ℃
LNG13ALNICO270070004860012.81.67.2-0.03+ 0.02810450
LNGT18ALNICO8 58058001001250182.27.3-0.025+ 0.02860550
LNG37ALNICO512001200048600374.657.3-0.02+ 0.02850525Anisotropy
LNG40ALNICO5125012500486004057.3-0.02+ 0.02850525
LNG44ALNICO512501250052650445.57.3-0.02+ 0.02850525
LNG52ALNIC05DG13001300056700526.57.3-0.02+ 0.02850525
LNG60ALNICO5-713501350059740607.57.3-0.02+ 0.02850525
LNGT28ALNICO610001000057.6720283.57.3-0.02+ 0.03850525
LNGT36JALNICO8HC70070001401750364.57.3-0.025+ 0.02860550
LNGT38ALNICO880080001101380384.757.3-0.025+ 0.02860550
LNGT60ALNICO990090001101380607.57.3-0.025+ 0.02860550
LNGT7210501050011214007297.3 -0.025860550

Magnetic and Physical Properties of Sintered Alnico Magnet

darasa Equivalent MMPA Class UtabiriNguvu ya KulazimishaNguvu ya KulazimishaMaximum Energy ProductWianiReversible Temp. CoefficientCurie Temp.Temp. Coefficientremark
Br Hcj Hcb(BH) maxg / cm3α(Br)TCTW
mTGsKA/mOeKA/mOeKJ / m3MGOe% / ℃
SLNG12Alnico27007000435404050012-141.5-1.757.0 -0.014810450
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