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Самарийн кобальт соронзон материал

Самарийн кобальт соронзон материал


As part of the rare earth group of permanent magnets, samarium cobalt (SmCo) magnets typically fall into two families of materials. They include rare earth Sm1Co5 and Sm2Co17 and are referred to as 1:5 and 2:17 materials. There’re three different manufacturing processes: sintered SmCo magnet, bonded SmCo magnet, and injection moulding SmCo magnet. SmCo magnet is high performance, low temperature coefficient permanent made of samarium and cobalt and other rare-earth elements. Its biggest advantage is high working temperature-300 degree centigrade. It need to be coated because it is difficult to be eroded and oxidized. SmCo magnet is widely used in motor, watch, transducers, instruments, positional detector, generator, radar, etc
Samarium Cobalt holds its standard property in higher maximum temperatures than neodymium, although its maximum strengh is less. The cost of SmCo material is the most expensive, so SmCo is recommended only when its performance is a high temperature environment is a concern.
1.SmCo permanent magnet has high magnetic energy product and high coercive force. Its properties are better than Alnico, ferrite permanent magnet. Its max. energy product is up to 239kJ/m3(30MGOe), which is three times of that of AlNiCo8 permanent magnet, eight times of that of ferrite permanent magnet (Y40). So the permanent magnetic component made from SmCo material is small, light and stable in property. It is widely applied to electro acoustic& telecommunication apparatus, electric motors, measure meters, peg-top electronic watch, microwave apparatus, magnetic mechanism, sensor and other static or dynamic magnetic routes.
2.The curie temp. of the SmCo permanent magnet is high and its temp. Coeff. is low. So it is suitable for use at 300, high temp.
3.SmCo permanent magnet is hear and bristle. Its rigidity strength, tensile strength and press strength are low. So it is not suitable for framework.
4.The main ingredient of SmCo permanent magnet is metal cobalt(CoY99.95%). So its price is high.

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The characteristics of Samarium Cobalt Magnet

*Very high magnetic properties with good stability. 

*Superior resistance to high temperature, Curie temperature of majority is over 800°C.

*Excellent corrosion resistance capability, no coating is needed for surface protection.

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Magnetic Properties of SmCo

Физик шинж чанар

Температур Коэффициент of Br (% / ° C)-0.05-0.03
Температур Коэффициент of iHc (% / ° C)-0.3-0.2
CURIE Температур (° C)700-750800-850
нягт (g / см3)8.2-8.48.3-8.5
Викерс хатуулаг (HV)450-500500-600
ажлын Температур (°CC)250350
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