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What is the difference between Ndfeb strong magnet galvanizing and nickel plating?

November 28,2023

What is the difference between galvanizing and nickel plating? Magnet galvanizing and nickel plating which is good?

Neodymium magnets, also known as NdFeB magnets, are quadrilateral crystals composed of neodymium, iron, and boron (Nd2Fe14B). This type of permanent magnet possesses a higher magnetic energy product (BHmax) compared to samarium cobalt magnets and is widely utilized in wind power generation, electronic instruments, industrial equipment, and other industries. However, sintered NdFeB strong magnets are susceptible to corrosion. To prevent corrosion, the surface requires electroplating prior to usage. Commonly used methods include zinc plating and nickel plating. Therefore, what distinguishes the nickel-plated coating from the galvanized coating on ND-Fe-B strong magnets? In the following article, we will address this question for you.

The difference between nickel plating and galvanizing of Ndfeb magnet:

1. Price

Galvanized has an advantage in terms of price. Galvanized magnet price is the cheapest, nickel plating price is higher than galvanized.



Because nickel has better polishing effect than zinc, so the appearance of nickel plated NdFeB magnets is brighter, similar to the color of a dollar coin, and zinc plated magnets appear silver-white.

3.Plating thickness

Electroplated nickel will be thicker than zinc, white zinc 5-10um, general nickel-plated magnets are nickel-copper-nickel three layers, nickel-copper-nickel 15-25um.


Strong magnets after nickel surface treatment of temperature resistance improved a lot, plus nickel itself conductive properties.

5.Anti-rust treatment level

The anti-rust level of galvanized is general, the anti-rust function of electroplated nickel is good, and there is a chrome coating with better anti-rust level.

The use of zinc plating or nickel plating depends mainly on the environment in which the powerful magnets are used. If the requirements of neodymium magnets for the use of environmental conditions are relatively high, we recommend electroplating nickel, generally more nickel-plated magnets on the market. If the requirement is not high, you can choose galvanized coating.