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What is an N52 magnet and how powerful is an N52 magnet?

May 19,2023

N52 magnet is a grade of NdFeb magnets. Neodymium magnets are the most magnetic permanent magnets available and therefore have many advantages in various industries. N52 is generally considered to be the strongest grade of neodymium magnet available. Today I will take you to understand two things. What does magnet N52 mean? How much suction is the n52 magnet?


What does magnet N52 mean?

You may be wondering why some Ndfeb magnets are rated "N52" and others are not.

● The number in "N52" represents a maximum energy product of 52MGOe=.

● "N52" stands for the strength of the magnet.

● Neodymium magnets have other N grades. Some of them are N35, N38, N42, N45 and N48. Higher grade numbers indicate higher magnetic strength.

● N52 magnet is sintered NdFeb N series the strongest national brand.

● As a result, they cost more than other classes of magnets.


How big is the magnetic attraction of N52 magnet?

The N52 grade magnet has the highest magnetic force compared to other grades of magnets.

They are used in applications that require strong magnetic field strength because they can provide a larger magnetic field. The N52 magnet is nearly 20% more magnetic than the N42 magnet and more than 50% more magnetic than the N35 magnet.

The N52 magnet is more magnetic than other classes of magnets, so it is more versatile. They can be used for a variety of challenging tasks for which other grades of magnets may not be suitable. The N52 magnet can be used for DIY tasks and industrial tasks.

The N52 magnet is more effective than other grades. This is because they have greater magnetic field strength. The smaller size of the N52 class magnet is more effective than the larger size of other classes of magnets. Neodymium magnets are generally durable. Their magnetic field strength decreased by 1% in 10 years. It may take up to 100 years before you notice a change in the strength of a N52 magnet.