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What does Magnet Gauss mean? How many Gauss are there in NdFeb magnets?

February 10,2023

You often hear about magnet gauss, but now we have a question, what does Gauss mean? How many gauss can a neodymium magnet reach? How do you know how many gauss a magnet has?

What is the gauss of common N35 and N38? In this article, we want to show you in a simple way:

1.How to understand Gauss

Gauss is the unit of magnetic field.This kind of unit is part of the Gaussian system of units, which continues from the old CGS-EMU system. 5000 Gauss means the highest magnetic field of your magnet is 5,000 Gauss. Note, however, that if you use a Gauss meter to check magnetic field strength, you measure the Gauss value at one point. That is, the magnetic field strength at one point on the magnet is 5000 gauss, but the gauss value at other points may be different.


2.How many Gauss can NdFeb magnet reach?

The question is very general, Because the magnetic level of the magnet is related to many factors, such as the grade of the magnet, the specification of the magnet, the thickness and so on. But we have collected some common magnet Gaussian specifications for your reference.


For example, the gauss of D10*4mm N35 grade magnetic steel can reach about 3000-3200GS, and the Gauss of D10*5mm can reach about 3400-3600GS.

The surface magnetic field of a single NdFeb magnet is 3000-7000GS, Ferrite 300-800GS, SmCo, Alnico 2000GS. Ndfeb should be a very high permanent magnet, but it is difficult to reach more than 5000GS.


3.What is the largest Gaussian magnet?

The N35 and N38 can probably reach 2000GS. With larger sizes, the N35 can be up to 3500GS and the N38 can be up to 3800GS. If someone tells you he can make a 10,000 Gauss magnet, you have to marry him first because he has new technology. In general, the Gaussian surface of a magnet is inversely proportional to its area and directly proportional to its thickness.

4.How do you know how much gauss a magnet has?

We usually use a gauss meter to measure the gauss of a magnet. However, the Gaussian values measured at different positions on the magnet surface are different, and the measurement data of the Gaussian meter are different, and the error is relatively large.