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The difference between a strong magnet and an ordinary magnet

May 19,2023

First of all, we need to know what kind of magnet is strong magnetic? What we call strong magnet, actually called NdFeb magnet.

Common magnet is also called ferrite magnet. Is what we usually call the magnet, the magnetism is relatively weak.


The difference between NdFeb magnet and ferrite magnet?

Appearance: The general magnet appearance is usually black, strong magnet will generally be electroplated, the surface has two common coatings, nickel plating and ZN-coated.


Price: General magnet raw material price is low, strong magnet because it contains rare earth, so the cost is very high.

Magnetic property: Under the premise of the same size, the magnetic property of strong magnet is more than 10 times that of general magnet property, general magnet property is weaker than strong magnet property.

High temperature resistance: The upper limit of conventional strong magnet temperature resistance is 80℃-200℃. Strong magnet Curie temperature is 340 ~ 400℃. On the contrary, the heat-resistant working temperature of the ordinary magnet is 300℃, and the Curie temperature is 450-460℃. General magnet is superior to strong magnet in temperature resistance.

How to distinguish strong magnetic and ordinary magnet?

The distinction between strong magnet and general magnet is actually very simple, usually general magnet has strong corrosion resistance, does not need electroplating, the appearance of dark black.

Strong magnet is easy to rust, most of the finished products need electroplating, the appearance of strong magnet after electroplating is the color of stainless steel or blue and white, the specific color according to the different coating.