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Some of the challenges that customers may face in customizing magnets products

February 10,2023

During the design phase of your project, it is important to consider the complexities associated with using magnetic materials. Both the magnetic performance and how the magnet will be integrated into the final solution are important.


Magnetic materials, unlike common commercial materialsare difficult to manufacture and fabricate; they present a special set of challenges. Therefore, it is necessary for the design team to take special care when creating a custom solution for clients.

1.Oxidizing or reactive environments.

Magnetic materials are typically environmentally unstable. They can be highly reactive and prone to oxidation. Common coating and plating solutions usually do not translate to magnetic alloy.


2.Temperature flucutations and Extreme temperture

Magnetic materials gain or lose magnetic field relative to the operational temperature fluctuations. The design must take into account magnetic performance through a temperature spectrum. Anda magnets can experience irreparable harm at extreme temperature exposures. This harm is irrecoverable and represents an effective partial or total demagnetization of the magnet.


3.Non-linear magnetic force

They can also be challenging to design, since the magnetic field density and resulting force are not linear relative to distance.



Magnetic materials are magnetized. This seems obvious, but magnetized magnets and sub-assemblies present a unique set handling and integration problems. Issues can range from protecting the operators to demagnetizing of the magnet itself. This aspect must be accounted for early in the design phase.