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Sintered NdFeB Irregular Shape Magnets

November 28,2023

The conventional shape of NdFeb magnets are round, cylinder, ring, rectangle, square and other shapes.

Irregularly shaped strong magnets are mainly used for special applications. In general, injection molding permanent magnets are suitable for making shaped magnets, but the magnetic properties of injection Ndfeb do not meet the actual requirements of many customers. Therefore, many shaped permanent magnets still use sintered NdFeb permanent magnet materials, mostly through machining processes to produce a variety of special shapes, but its processing cost and production time will be higher than the conventional traditional shape of neodymium magnets.


Irregularly shaped neodymium magnets are used in a wide range of applications, with the most applications being in the field of electric motors, such as wind turbines, micro-generators, DC motors, brushless motors, and so on, all of which will be used inside. Whether at home or abroad, this kind of Irregularly shaped motor magnets are in great demand, because the permanent magnet is its core component.

With the expansion of the application market of magnetic materials, nowadays, industries such as electronic and electrical appliances, doors and windows, cell phones, etc. also use Irregularly shaped magnets.

The most common are arc motor magnets (magnetic tiles, bread magnets), size head magnets, step magnets, trapezoidal magnets, triangle magnets and so on. Compared with conventionally shaped magnets, the biggest advantage is that it is suitable for product design structure and maximizes product integrity.