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New Energy Husum Exhibition 2015

January 10,2023


In March 2015,QM again participated in the International Wind Energy Exhibition held in Husum, Germany.

During the exhibition, we exchanged views with exhibitors and customers from various countries about small wind turbines. A lot of customers have been interested in our Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Generator (AFPMG) and have asked for information and We have received a large number of prospective orders.


We manufacture a series of new energy high-efficient, disc-shaped, inner (outer) rotor, three-phase, AFPMG with a coreless (ironless) stator.AFPMG ensures unsurpassed performance that will be highly appreciated by direct-drive small wind turbine (SWT) and Hydro Power manufacturers.AFPMG provide advantages in terms of size and appearance. The nical structure of an AFPMG is simple, and the winding concept with a stator structure gives the generator a good performance and high efficiency.

QIANGSHENG MAGNETS CO., LTD (QM)is an advanced technology enterprise which special produces and markets magnets (sintered and bonded NdFeB,Alnico,SmCo and magnet assemblies), Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) and wind turbine system. We have agents in the United States, Australia, Italy, Uruguay, Nepal and other countries.

If you are interested in us, please contact us or visit our website: