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Magnet Parameters for NdFeB N50 and The gauss of the N50 Magnet

July 04,2023

Ndfeb magnets enjoy a reputation as the strongest and most versatile rare earth magnets. When purchasing neodymium magnets, customers can choose from several different grades of neodymium magnets.


In general, the higher the grade of neodymium magnet, the greater its strength. While it may seem like you should choose an N52 magnet, it is possible that an N50 magnet, which is slightly lower than an N52 magnet, may be more suitable for you.

1.N50 magnet performance parameters:

Material: Sintered Ndfeb Magnet

Grade: N50

Residual Induction:13.9-14.6kGs

Coercivity: 836-1114kA/m

Maximum Energy Product: 47-51MGOe

Maximum Working Temperature: 80°C


2.Demagnetization curve of N50


3.Gaussian value of N50

Surface gauss of D8*1MM: 1640 Gauss

Surface gauss of D8*3MM: 4500Gauss

Surface gauss of D10*2MM: 2500 Gauss

Surface gauss of D15*1MM: 1050 Gauss


4.What is the difference between an N50 magnet and an N52 magnet:

From the comparison of grades, the magnetic energy product of N52 is 52MGOe, and the magnetic energy product of N50 is 50MGOe. Compared to magnets of the same size, the N50 and N52 magnetic forces are not much different.