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How to separate the magnetic magnet together such as NdFeb

May 19,2023

When a magnet is used, two magnets are found to attract together. Even worse, maybe you're using a strong magnet that has stuck to another surface or object in your work area. It can be difficult to separate a strong magnet - especially a NdFeb strong magnet, which is the most magnetic magnet available - but don't worry. In this article, I will introduce the methods that can be taken to separate the magnets.


First, it's important to think about your own safety. It is highly recommended that you wear protective safety glasses or other forms of protective glasses before attempting to separate strong magnets. Ndfeb strong magnets are known for being fragile and easily broken in extreme circumstances. For example, if two ndfeb magnets attract quickly, their collision force may cause the magnet pieces to fall off and fly apart.


If you have a pacemaker, do not work under strong magnetic forces. Also, be careful not to place your hands and fingers between two magnets or between the magnets and the surface being attracted, as severe squeezing can occur. Do not attempt to process neodymium magnets - this can generate heat and cause demagnetization or even fire. When handling any given magnet, pay attention to the coating material of the magnet.

● Small size magnet


Small magnets are the easiest magnets to separate from ferromagnetic materials. The best way to separate a small magnet from a ferromagnetic material is to slide the magnet away from the edge of the material to which it is attached.

● Large size magnet


If a medium or large magnet is attached to another magnet, it needs to be placed on the side of a table or workbench with a magnet dangling over the edge. The dangling magnet can then be pushed down and away from the other magnet. Once they separate, quickly separate them from each other so they don't bounce back together.

● Super-size magnet


Oversized magnets can usually only be separated using a magnet separation tool.

Magnetic separation tools work in a similar way to placing a magnet on the edge of a table or workbench and pushing it down. The magnet is placed in the tool, but instead of pushing the dangling magnet down with your hand, the upper handle is pushed down onto it, forcing the two apart.