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How to pack the NdFeb Magnet after magnetization

April 17,2023

Ndfeb magnet, also known as strong magnet. Because the suction is very strong, the packaging of the magnet is particularly important before the magnet is delivered. Most customers need to magnetize the magnets, how should the magnet be packed after magnetization? Today QM will give you a detailed look at this problem.

Magnet packaging, regular size usually use a white box for packaging, It's called the little white box in the industry.

The magnet needs to be wrapped in a clear plastic bag, Put in a small white box, no space inside, need to ensure that the magnet in the transport process, will not shake in the box. Each small white box should be marked with information such as the size and number of magnets. Then put into the cardboard box with high hardness for packaging, the outer carton must be filled with foam. The outside of the outer box also needs to be marked, and the quantity information of each box of products needs to be known to the customer.


For unusually large magnets or magnetic components, packaging can be cumbersome. May not be packed in cartons, need to use custom wooden case loading, internal large magnet each piece needs to be separated by large plastic gaskets or boards.


For export packaging, special shielding packaging is required. special shielding packaging does not recede magnetic magnets, and the use of foam or magnetic separator for magnetic isolation. It is usually necessary to secure the six sides of the carton with magnetic baffle plates. Then it is packed with pearl cotton tape and carton.


Magnetic separation after packaging can through the airline's safety inspection. In the process of export, if you do not do magnetic insulation packaging, transportation companies may not receive the package. Also some transportation companies, may also need to provide MSDS, transportation appraisal report and other materials.

Export magnet needs to do magnetic inspection, so how can the factory ensure that the packaging can pass the magnetic inspection? Actually very simple, if use iron or change in the external testing, there is no obvious magnetic can completely through.

In summary, magnet packaging is very important, good packaging can avoid goods damage or product demagnetization, export packaging remember to do magnetic shield.