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August 19,2022


QM disc-coreless axial flux permanent magnet generators(QM generator hereafter) are three-phase AC generator with coreless structure of stator and multi-poles of rotor. Light weight, small size and high efficiency, starting torque could be

2.Basic Wiring Diagram

3.Working conditions

►Working altitude: Under 1000meters
►Working Temperature: Between +40°C and -20°C
►Relative air humidity (Average/month): ≤95% (Average temperature/month ≤25°C)
►Operation: Continuous service (S1)
►Over speed working
For PMG 1KW, maximum speed is 1.2 times of rated speed, run in no more than 2 minutes.

4.Installation caution

►Check data requirements of data sheet on surface of axial flux PM generator before installation
►Check insulation resistance between output wires and generator shell with 500megohms meter, testing value should not be less than 20megohms
►Without abnormal sound during rotating flexible confirmation of shaft or shell before installation
►Ensure installation steady and prevent the bolt becoming flexible and damaging
►It’s strictly prohibited to disassemble QM generator because of strong magnets inside
Pay attention to cleaning and inspection to prevent objects get inside QM generator during installation


►QM products do not require any particular maintenance
►Bearing checking every 5 or 10 years require maintenance to be carried out by the installer or user
►Operation of QM generator should under Generator Working Condition
►If the bearing is damaged; running noise or vibration increased significantly, bearing should be replaced immediately

►QM generator shall be subjected to rain/snow/dust/harmful gas and prevent collision during storage and transport. (Relative air humidity is less than or equal to 80%, temperature is between +40°C and -20°C
►Dumping and obverse are forbidden during storage and transportation

6.Guarantee terms for products of QM Magnets

Material or manufacturing defects
►This guarantee applies only to manufacturing and material defects, insofar as these can be attributed to bad workmanship on behalf of QM.
►QM reserves the right to choose to repair, modify or replace the products in question
General information
►The customer has 2 years warranty for all products
►For this QM product we grant a voluntary guarantee of 2 years beginning with the date of invoice towards the specialized trade. This voluntary guarantee is valid for products that have been sold by QM
►When claiming under the terms of guarantee, the customer must be able to present a purchase invoice.
►If the customer should discover a problem; he/she must contact QM